Lovely Lunch, Easy Dinner

by Cait on September 27, 2011

This day just came and went!

I had a lovely lunch this afternoon with some of my old co-workers from Health – it was so nice to catch up!

We ate downstairs in our building’s cafeteria so I took the opportunity to grab a big salad from Bocca (my favorite).

IMG 6824

IMG 6825

In the mix:

  • Spring mix
  • Cucumbers
  • Onions
  • Edamame
  • Kidney Beans
  • Broccoli
  • Carrots
  • Avocado
  • Hard boiled egg

All chopped up and topped with oil and vinegar!

IMG 6826

IMG 6829

IMG 6831

Best part…

IMG 6828

So fluffy.  So delicious.

Honeycrisp on the side!!

IMG 6827

IMG 6833

Wonderful company, wonderful lunch (thanks ladies!)

IMG 6834

I came home and literally sprinted upstairs (okay, took the elevator), changed and headed back out the door to get my run in.

There were some ominous looking rain clouds hovering and I didn’t want to risk getting caught in a complete and total downpour + thunder and lightening.

The rain I’m okay with – but  not when it starts to lightening.

Luckily I made it without a single drop!

3 miles in 21:16.


Then dinner!

IMG 6836

IMG 6837 IMG 6838IMG 6839

IMG 6840

Roasted brussel sprouts, Alexia sweet potato puffs, Toasted bread (<— with olive oil + salt!), TJ’s sliced roasted chicken and sausage!

A perfectly simple but delicious dinner.

Now it’s time for 90210 (I know, it’s okay – you can judge me), a little more packing then another early bedtime!

Night everyone :)

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Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) September 27, 2011

Looks like a delicious day and sounds like a great time with friends! Enjoy your night!


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

It definitely was a delicious day! And thank you!


The Teenage Taste September 27, 2011

3 miles in 21 minutes?! Way to put my 5K PR to shame, Cait! ;-)
But seriously, you are awesome!


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

Hahaha – I recently ran with a friend who’s SUPER fast and I think the run had a positive influence on my time :) This isn’t really standard for me on just a regular old run! But thank you!!


Rach @ This Italian Family September 27, 2011

Ooh so many delicious eats! And your 3 mile time is amazing!


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

Haha thank you!


Alyse @ Fit Approach September 27, 2011

SO impressed by your 3-mile time. You go, girl!


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011



Lauren @ What Lauren Likes September 27, 2011

Looks and sounds like a great day!! :)


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

It definitely was – no complaints from me!


Kim @ Eat, Live, and Blog September 27, 2011

I am really in love with that Alexia sweet potato puffs. I need to get them!

Oh, and I love watching 90210 too. ;)


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

They’re SO good! And I’m so glad you understand the 90210 love – haha. I don’t know why I love it, but I do!


Amelia @princessandthefrosting September 28, 2011

Two more beautiful meals! Inspired every time! Must be why I come back and check your plate everyday haha


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

Haha I love that!! That makes me so happy :)


Go With the Dough September 28, 2011

A seven minute mile? Girlfriend, you are putting me to shame (and leaving me in the dust)!


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

Haha – it was a rarity for me!


Katie@ KatieDid September 28, 2011

Sounds like a nice lunch and time to catch up with friends. And man your speedy!! Those sweet potato puffs look really interesting… do you find you like them better than the Alexia fries? I’ve never seen them before in stores but I’ll keep an eye out for them now.


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

I wouldn’t say I like them BETTER necessarily, but they’re a nice change from the fries every once in a while :)


amyt57 September 28, 2011

I love toasted bread mmmmm – everything looks delish!!


Cait's Plate September 28, 2011

Yeah the toasted bread was by FAR the best part :)

Reply September 28, 2011

That salad is beautiful!!! And a 7 minute mile? Um, remind me never to challenge you to a race!!!


Katie September 28, 2011

Good for you getting that run in. And as always, I’m amazed at your speed. Just amazed.

How long until moving day? And are you moving far? How do I not know this information? Maybe I just need to email you and catch up. :-)


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