Packing and Pizza

by Cait on September 28, 2011

Sooo, this is what our apartment looks like right now…



I also killed my second nut butter jar of the day…


I’m a fiend.  I can’t be stopped.

I came home, went for a quick 3-miler and then it was time to get packin’!

Okay, we ate dinner first…

This girl knows what we had…

IMG 6877

IMG 6878

IMG 6879  IMG 6876IMG 6875

Pizza and salad!

Never fails :)

We just took our Trader Joe’s whole wheat naan from the other night and loaded it up with sauce and fresh mozzarella.

Easy peasy.

We watched Modern Family and now I’m catching up on Glee so basically a whole lot of packing is happening… haha.

Can’t wait for this move to be over and to be back to regular blogging with all my food and plates!!

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