A Thursday Tale

by Cait on September 29, 2011

Can you guess what I had for breakfast?

IMG 6882

I’ve been stocking up on empty nut butter jars for this move because they make the perfect vehicle for breakfast while all my plates/bowls are packed away!

Ladies and gentlemen (are there gentlemen?  oh well, I’m going with it because it sounds right) – I give you the Tale of Three Jars:

Once upon a time there were 3 jars.

IMG 6883

IMG 6884 IMG 6885 IMG 6886

While completely individual in nature, these three jars were absolutely inseparable.

IMG 6887

IMG 6888

They did everything together!  Being near each other was like breathing to them – it just had to be done.

IMG 6889

Until one day one of the jars started to stand out a bit more from the rest…

IMG 6890 IMG 6891 IMG 6892

Bragging about how no two sides of his were alike and how UNIQUE and SPECIAL that was.

The other two tried to keep up, but every time they tried to prove that same point, they failed…

IMG 6894 IMG 6895IMG 6897

They began to grow annoyed with the 3rd jar’s showboating and bragging and slowly started pulled away, leaving this guy on his own…

IMG 6896

At first he acted like he didn’t care, like he was HAPPY about it..

IMG 6900

IMG 6901 IMG 6902 IMG 6903IMG 6904

But he wasn’t.

He missed his friends!

He ran back to them, apologized and told them he’d never act so foolish again.  The others gladly accepted his apology, thrilled simply to be reunited with their best friend.

They all lived happily ever after together in my stomach after being consumed :)

I know what you’re thinking right now…I should write children’s books.  HAHA.

See what happens when you stay up late?!

Happy Thursday everyone!


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