Thanks to Trader Joe’s

by Cait on September 29, 2011

Despite having most everything packed away – and literally have next to no food in the house, I managed to have a pretty delicious dinner tonight!

IMG 6920

Thanks, in large part once again, to Trader Joe’s!

I threw some Trader Joe’s falafels over some Trader Joe’s baby romaine…

IMG 6921

Added the last piece of Trader Joe’s whole wheat naan (cut up to maximize my time with it!)

IMG 6922

And scooped out some Trader Joe’s hummus…

IMG 6923

All drizzled with some olive oil and sprinkled with salt!

IMG 6924

SO good.  Seriously.  This meal hit the spot.

IMG 6925

IMG 6927

And now that my belly is happily full, I’m off to digest/catch up on The Biggest Loser (finally) and then do some yoga!!  I NEED it!

Night everyone!

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