Tuesday To-Dos

by Cait on October 25, 2011

So on Tuesdays, this is what you should do…

You should wake up and reheat the leftover pumpkin pancakes you made last week.

IMG 7843

Slice up some strawberries…

IMG 7846

Crack open a vanilla Chobani (and throw some chia seeds in there while you’re at it to thicken them up).

IMG 7848

Stack the pancakes…add all of the above in between each layer

IMG 7850

Top the whole thing with Sunflower Seed Butter

IMG 7852

IMG 7849 IMG 7847

And dig in…

IMG 7853 IMG 7854 IMG 7855IMG 7856 IMG 7857IMG 7858

Oh, and you should also have some coffee on the side…it’s good for the soul.

IMG 7851

IMG 7844 IMG 7845

Add lots of soymilk too so it’s nice and frothy.

IMG 7842

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