Trumped by the Bread

by Cait on November 6, 2011

Today was  a lovely little day.

It was gorgeous outside.

I was semi-productive and actually managed to cross things off my never-ending to-do list.

I had an amazing 7-mile run.

And I made a delicious dinner.

IMG 8483

Whole wheat gnocci with sauteed chicken andouille sausage and sauce.

A deliciously simple side salad of mixed greens, baby carrots and toasted pumpkin seeds.

And the BEST part?

IMG 8469

Freshly baked pepperoni mozzarella bread from my favorite antique bakery – just a dangerous 3 feet away from my apartment 

IMG 8469640x426

IMG 8488

Like pizza but 10x better.

I could’ve just eaten this entire roll for dinner and been happy.

I am definitely going to be using this recipe to make my own VERY VERY soon.

IMG 8482

This was the most comforting dinner.

IMG 8468

IMG 8480

IMG 8481

It totally hit the spot.


IMG 8493

Happy Sunday everyone!

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