by Cait on November 22, 2011

IMG 8960

I got my butt out of bed and I went running this morning!

And as I came back in the door and checked the weather forecast —> rain, rain, rain – I was really glad that I did it.

3 miles.  No big deal.  But I’m happy it happened.

Despite the cold, dreary weather, I once again found myself wanting a cold breakfast…maybe the sloppy weather outside had me craving a sloppy breakfast…who knows.

Whatever triggered it, yogurt bowl it was!

IMG 8961

IMG 8964

I love how many clusters can be found in a box of Kashi Go Lean Crunch.

Clusters are the best – they make me a happy girl.

Into this yogurt bowl went:

IMG 8963

I nuked the strawberries so they were nice and warm…such a great contrast with the cold yogurt.  The temperature contrast plus the texture contrast with the crunchy clusters and smooth yogurt worked out really well.

IMG 8965

IMG 8966 IMG 8968IMG 8967

A perfect start to this dreary Tuesday!

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