Last Seconds

by Cait on November 27, 2011

I had an absolutely lovely day.  My mom, my sister and I enjoyed every last second together!

IMG 9398

I also got out for a nice run in my favorite area:


NewImage NewImageNewImage

Unfortunately I’ve had better runs.  It was absolutely beautiful out and I had high hopes to get in at least 5 miles when I stepped outside but it certainly didn’t pan out that way.  I crapped out completely at 3 miles (and had to take a break halfway through!) and then called it a day.

I blame the random warm weather.  My breathing had just adjusted to the cold – my body is all confused!! ;)

The rest of the afternoon consisted of trips to Target and Gap where I failed miserably to find a white collared shirt.  (Why is a plain white collared shirt that actually fits so hard to come across??)

Then it was home to have another dinner of leftovers (they’re still going strong!)

IMG 9413

IMG 9417 IMG 9418IMG 9419

(I could live off this bread.  It’s Greek sweet bread – called ‘tsoreki’ – and it calls my name every single night without fail.  Maybe I’ll can butter my Mom up to share the recipe with you all! :) )

I had a salad to round it all out:

IMG 9420

And now we’re sitting here hanging out – I’m blogging while Mom is watching Twilight (I’ve never seen any of these movies and I’m beginning to see why…)

And and also?

A shot of the finished tree!

IMG 9421

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas! :D

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