Wrap it Up

by Cait on December 27, 2011

Boy oh boy is it raining out there!

And of course today was the day I didn’t bring an umbrella!  Oh well – at least it happened on the way home rather than the way in when I had to look presentable!

It made me SUPER happy that I had gone to the gym early this morning because with this dreary weather I would’ve had a really hard time motivating myself to do so!

I came home ready to eat and immediately started in on dinner:

IMG 0298

A classic summer dinner that I haven’t had in SO long!

IMG 0301

What do you do when you have delicious chicken andouille sausages to eat but no buns!?

IMG 0302

Ya take a nice lookin’ piece of whole wheat bread, head it up so it’s nice and malleable and wrap it up!

On the side were my favorite Alexia Sweet Potato Waffle Fries -

IMG 0299

And steamed brussels -

IMG 0300

Hit.  the.  spot.

IMG 0304

G’nite all!

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