A True Convert

by Cait on January 8, 2012

Ooooooooooooovernight oats!

IMG 0894

Having not really liked overnight oats the first time I had them, I’ve completely converted.

I think a lot of that came from learning how to best make it.

Overnight Oat Essentials:

* All fruit must go in overnight.

* Chia seeds are a must

* The more yogurt, the better (I used to use just 1/3 cup, I now use a whole 6 oz. container )

* Best when put in a-not-so-empty nut butter jar

* Granola topping makes all the difference

* It MUST have the chill taken out – either left at room temperature or quickly nuked (or sitting out while you take millions of photos in the hope of getting one good one)

IMG 0892

Into the bowl last night went:

1/3 cup Coach’s Oats –> 1 tbsp. chia seeds –> 6 oz. 0% plain Fage –> 1/3 cup plain Silk soymilk –> A generous portion of natural Peanut butter –> Sliced strawberries

IMG 0890

De-chilled in the morning and topped with Trader Joe’s Trek Mix Granola:

IMG 0882

IMG 0888

Coffee + soymilk on the side:

IMG 0887

IMG 0891

Happy Sunday people!

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