Dinners Lately

by Cait on January 26, 2012

Dinner gets a bad rap  but I daresay I like it more than lunch!

Here are some of the dinners I’ve been eating lately:

1. Easy Mexican

IMG 2009

If you’ve been reading Cait’s Plate for a while – you know that 5 minute Mexican dinners are one of my go-tos.  If you have a can of beans, an avocado, some lettuce, salsa, chips and whole wheat tortillas on hand, you’re good to go!

2. Pasta

IMG 1992

I’ve never really been a huge pasta person but every once in a while, there is just nothing else I want.  I always stick with whole wheat and most usually penne (it’s my favorite) – throw some low-sodium store-bought sauce and some turkey meatballs on top,  a salad on the side and you’ve got yourself a pretty well-rounded meal in no time!

3. Vegetarian Gumbo

IMG 1867

Meatless chicken, sausageless sausage and brown rice…can you really go wrong?  Throw a hunk of whole wheat bread on the side for sopping up the extras and you’re good to go!  Plus, you can make a huge batch of it and eat it all week if you want to!

4. Turkey Meatloaf

IMG 2017

It may not be the most photogentic, but it certainly is easy!  You can make this on the weekend and have a nice comforting meal ready for you when you come home exhausted from work.  Throw some steamed veggies or a side salad together to eat with it and you’ve had a fully homecooked meal in less than 10 minutes.

5. Pre-Cooked Chicken Sausage


I love chicken sausage because it’s so versatile. Chop it up and throw it over some whole grain pasta, wrap it up in a whole wheat bun and eat it like a hot dog (with some sweet potato waffle fries and veggies on the side!), slice it and use it as a pizza topping or simply eat it plain with other sides to round out the meal.

What are your favorite go-to dinners?  Do you like to have things prepared or do you take pleasure in the cooking each night?

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