Top 5: Boston Trip Edition

by Cait on January 31, 2012

Before I head out on a trip, I often find myself seeking out others blog posts when I’m going to an area that I remember them visiting or that I know they live.  To me, one of the best parts of going somewhere is not doing just the touristy things, but also making sure to check out the local haunts and the places that people who live in the area like to frequent.

That said, I’ve decided I’ll start doing this for YOU all (and I guess, selfishly, a little bit for me so that I can remember the names of my favorite places).

So without further ado, I present you with my Top 5 from this past Boston trip:

1. The Boston Commons

I love the Boston Commons.  I went to Boston College so Boston in general has a really special place in my heart – but there’s just something about the commons that I find so peaceful and relaxing.  People running, hanging out, taking photos, sitting on benches…I used to go here a lot and just sit with a book or bring my camera and take pictures.  Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall there’s always something worth checking out in the Commons.  I also highly recommend a run through it!

2. Sweet – Downtown

Let’s be honest.  Of course the cupcake place was going to make it on here!  But more than serving up delicious cupcakes (with flavors like Blueberry and Buttermilk Pancake, Mocha Mint Chip and Banana Foster to name a few), it’s just the most adorable, quintessential setting one could ever imagine.  Definitely worth a visit trip downtown for!

3. Thinking Cup on Tremont Street

There’s just something about this place that has that perfect laid back coffee shop feel.  As soon as you walk in you’re hit with images of people curled up with a book, cozied into a booth with their laptop or chatting with friends while they sip on their gorgeous lattes.  If I’m being honest, the real draw to this place for me was how beautiful the drinks were…but I found that I was much more impressed with the whole atmosphere (and the food options!) upon entering.

4. PICCO on Tremont Street

I’ve wanted to go to PICCO ever since I started reading Eat Like Me.  Literally every time Cristin would go there I would make a mental note that some day I just HAD to go there.  Well, this trip I made it happen and I couldn’t have been more pleased.

There was a bit of a wait, but it was WELL worth it – and the good thing about the location is that Tremont Street is filled with all kinds of shops and things to do, so the wait went by in no time!

I tasted the Margherita pizza and a calzone and both were out of this world.  They cook the pizzas up “Italian style” so they’re nice and crispy on the outside with a soft chew in the middle.  If you do go, I highly recommend saving room for the Ice Cream Sampler – 3 perfectly-sized scoops of any type of ice cream you’d like (you’re able to choose from flavors such as Vanilla Dark Chocolate,  Mint Chip,  Butterscoth Swirl, Passionfruit and Cinnamon).  I sampled the PB Chip, Vanilla Chip and Mocha and let’s just say I walked away wishing I had brought a pint of the PB Chip home with me!  It had the perfect amount of peanut butter taste to it and the chocolate chips created a flavor combination that I’m pretty sure you all know I love ;)

My suggestion if you go here?  Split a salad (they were quite large) to start, split a pizza or a calzone and split the ice cream sampler.  You’ll leave feeling satisfied, not stuffed, and with a few more dollars in your pocket!

5. The North End

The North End is great simply because there’s just SO much to do.  The water is right there where you can take beautiful photos of the boats going by, hop on a Boston Harbor Cruises, visit the Aquarium or eat at the great seafood restaurants like Sel de la Terre and Legal Seafoods – but you also have the option of walking just a hop, skip and a jump to the left where you’ll find yourself in Quincy Market!  The shops and eateries in Quincy Market can’t be beat and when the weather is warm, there’s always something going on outside…just be ware that it can definitely get pretty crowded!

So there you go – the perfect handful of places to stop by next time you’re in Beantown.  I could probably do a Top 50 for Boston, but for now I’ll keep it at 5.

And because I think it’s definitely also worth mentioning, brunch/lunch at Stephanie’s on Newbury Street OR The Station Diner in Newton Center are also definitely worth checking out!  The Station Diner actually serves breakfast all day and I think we all know that you can’t top that!

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