Closest I’ve Come

by Cait on February 6, 2012

IMG 2594

Overnight Oats for today!

I was up early and off to the gym – I banged out 32 minutes on the elliptical followed by a couple of back strengthening exercises. Speaking of my back – it hasn’t been feeling great lately which makes me nervous. Might be time to cut back on the cardio for a little while…

After a quick shower it was time to dig into this baby:

IMG 2595Screen shot 2012 02 05 at 7 52 22 PMIMG 2602

Into the bowl went:

Topped with a little more Sunbutter and Erin Baker’s Fruit & Nut Granola (<— LOVE this stuff!  It’s the closest I’ve come to Cville Cluster!)

IMG 2604

Coffee (sans soymilk because I was out and have to wait to add it until I get to work!) on the side:

IMG 2603

Another day, another dollar!

Favorite Super Bowl commercial?  GO!


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