Birthday Fern

by Cait on February 8, 2012

Thank you all for your birthday wishes this morning – I’m a spoiled (and incredibly lucky) girl today!

IMG 2730

No flowers requests from me today…all I wanted was a birthday Fern

IMG 2708

I’ve been DYING to try this place for a while now and today I was treated!

The second we stepped foot inside, the entire atmosphere grabbed me and I knew that this place was going to be good.

IMG 2710Screen shot 2012 02 08 at 2 54 58 PMIMG 2728

And it definitely did not disappoint!

Fern is a vegetarian-friendly restaurant (they have a lot of vegan offerings too!) and boy oh boy have they completely nailed their specialty!

By first glance at the menu, I knew that this would just be one of many, many trips here.  I absolutely have to try everything.  It’s just one of those non-negotiable facts in life.

IMG 2709

For today we stuck with the roasted vegetable panini with a simple salad on the side and the OM burger with the roasted potatoes to share…

IMG 2719IMG 2720IMG 2721IMG 2724

Highly, highly, HIGHLY recommend both dishes!  We were both so pleased – the flavoring, the texture, the sides…all spot on.

When the dessert options (vegan doughnuts and vegan chocolate cake) rolled around, we begrudgingly passed (too full) but you better believe we’ll be back for them at some point!

I’m hoping to squeeze a little yoga in (hopefully my back will not rebel!) before dinner tonight – the birthday fun continues!

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