Pretzel Buns

by Cait on February 20, 2012

So yesterday I made these.

But I didn’t stop there.

Okay…I guess truth be told I really DID stop there.  By the 6th huge ball of dough that I had to roll into a rope and then splice off into pieces, I was kinda tired.

So for the last two balls of dough I decided, what better way to use up the extra dough (and really, save a WHOLE lot of time) than to make two pretzel buns!?


So pretzel buns it was!

These things came out awesome.  I was a little worried that the cook time for the pretzel nuggets wouldn’t be quite right for the buns and I would end up with a gooey inside, but they cooked through perfectly!


I went to bed last night knowing EXACTLY what I was going to have for lunch.


I mean.

Was there any question?


You don’t have something like this sitting around and NOT use it.  You just don’t.

Frankly I’m surprised I didn’t slap a burger in between the two slices and call it dinner last night.

Or just bite into the thing with nothing inside and call it a “snack” between now and then.

Ultimately though I’m glad I held out cause this thing was awesome.


In between the pretzel bun went:

  • Low sodium deli turkey
  • Low sodium deli ham
  • 1/4 avocado (mashed)
  • Mixed greens
  • Mustard


So good.


I have one bun left…suggestions for other ways to use it up!?  I’m thinking peanut butter and nutella may need to be involved…

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