Project PB&J: Almond Butter & Fresh Strawberry Sandwich

by Cait on March 30, 2012

I was thrilled when Christina over at She Runs, She Eats asked me to partake in Project PB&J!

As you all know, I’m a sucker for re-inventing the classic PB&J so when this project came up I was more than happy to partake!

For my entry into the project I chose to use my Almond Butter & Fresh Strawberry Sandwich:

A nice, healthy twist on the classic with more fiber and nutrients!

I simply toasted up 2 slices of Thomas’ 100% Whole Wheat bread then spread both sides with Maranatha Almond Butter . While the bread toasted I sliced up a few fresh strawberries and simply laid them on one side atop the melted almond butter:

Once the strawberries are on, fold the non-strawberry’d side on top and viola! A healthy, filling and delicious twist on the classic PB&J!

Thank you to both Christina and Cindy for including me in this awesome opportunity!!

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