Creative Movement

by Cait on April 9, 2012

Apologies for the delayed post this morning!

I was up early and out the door on my way to Boston to visit my nieces!

But not without a quick breakfast first:

IMG 5502

Yogurt bowls are my go-to quick breakfast.  Throw a little yogurt, chia seeds, sliced fruit in a bowl and top it with nut butter and granola of choice!

IMG 5496

Which is EXACTLY what I did.

Into the bowl went:

IMG 5495

IMG 5499

Good til the last spoonful.

IMG 5500

Coffee on the side as always:

IMG 5497

Upon arriving in Boston I drove straight to my niece Madeleine’s Creative Movement class to surprise her:

IMG 5505

IMG 5507

I think my surprise worked ;)

It was so great getting to see her wear herself out in class:

IMG 5526

IMG 5536

IMG 5564

IMG 5594

She was one tired girl on the way home!

IMG 5597

Look at that spaced out face.

We headed straight from Creative Movement to the Y where my sister and I dropped Madeleine off and banged out a quick 5 mile run.  It felt great (if not a little cool) and I’m hoping my leg/back doesn’t act up from it!

I’m off to find some lunch now – hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!

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