by Cait on April 12, 2012

We got busy in the kitchen!

IMG 6077

Luckily we had some GREAT helpers…

IMG 6066

IMG 6068

IMG 6075

After they baked up and cooled we were ready to ice!

Screen shot 2012 04 12 at 1 40 14 PM


IMG 6103

IMG 6101

All that cookie decorating definitely worked up my appetite so lunch was next on the agenda!

After my huge belgian waffle this morning, I was craving some good, healthy, stick-to-my-ribs food!

IMG 6088

Cue and avocado and hard boiled egg sandwich…with just a pinch of salt!

I mashed up one half an avocado, hard boiled two eggs then laid everything onto two slices of toasted whole wheat bread:

IMG 6085

A pinch of salt for flavor and I was good to go.

IMG 6089

On the side I had some strawberries and baby carrots to round it all out…

IMG 6086

A pretty delicious meal overall.

I’m off to take a walk while the rain is holding off!

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