Two Americans in Parish

by Cait on April 19, 2012

This afternoon flew by!

I did a little laundry, 20 minutes of yoga and a little freelance work.

I snacked on baby carrots and peanut butter.

And I spent a lot of time trying to capture the many faces Clara…

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Then my sister came home and we headed out for a walk:

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PhotoGrid 1334881923249For dinner we headed to a place in my sister’s neighborhood called Parish.

IMG 6662

IMG 6663

I immediately fell in love with the atmosphere of this place!

IMG 6665Picnik collage159934e08a7911e192e91231381b3d7a 7

I fell in love even more when the waitress came over and placed a bag of warm sourdough on the table with a slab of salted butter:

IMG 6672

IMG 6675

And then I saw “TV Dinner” on the menu and it was all over.

IMG 6692

How cute is this idea for a restaurant to do? ¬†An upscale “TV dinner” – I loved it.

From left top to bottom right: fried green tomatoes, spinach, chocolate chip cookies, coleslaw and braised chicken thighs over rice

IMG 6693

The best part was by far the cookie :D :

IMG 6694

Overall another great night with my sister.

I leave early tomorrow morning and boy am I going to miss her!

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