Happy Campers

by Cait on May 13, 2012

We had another great day!

2012 05 13 16 52 10

Being able to just walk out to the ocean whenever really makes me reconsider living anywhere but on the coast!

It’s just so soothing and relaxing to walk along the beach and feel the water below your feet and hear the crash of the waves.  It reminds me of this song every time!

After breakfast I did some blog stuff, some GRE studying then a nice 30 minutes of yoga before heading downstairs with Chad for lunch at the Ocean Bar & Grill 

IMG 8474

We started with beverages..

IMG 8478

 Then FOOD!

I had been craving a chicken caesar salad for the past few days so lunch was the perfect time to squash that craving:

IMG 8482

It totally hit the spot and I loved the roasted tomatoes addition!

IMG 8483

I left the olives (not a fan) but gobbled up every last bit of this otherwise (especially the focaccia croutons).

Chad got the quesadillas which came with chips, guac, salsa and sour cream:

IMG 8479

IMG 8480

His chips looked delicious…

IMG 8481

Overall another delicious meal here.

After lunch we decided to venture out for a walk on the beach…

IMG 8491Screen shot 2012 05 13 at 11 09 42 PM

Then we came back, showered and got ready to head out to a fancy dinner.

I didn’t get any shots of dinner (I just stuck with a salad and some california rolls) but I did of dessert!

2012 05 13 20 43 45 63

2012 05 13 20 44 12 778

2012 05 13 20 44 03 444

2012 05 13 20 45 01 198

Happy, happy campers!

2012 05 13 20 44 28 137

Night everyone!

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