Sunflower Morning

by Cait on June 1, 2012

Oh…hey there!

IMG 9216

Happy June!

June is one of my favorite months.  For me it means the true start of summer.  And summer means beach, longer days, smoothies, fresh fruit and sunshine!

And today it was all about sunflowers!

IMG 9233

The folks over at Sunrich Naturals picked up on my love of all things sunflower seeds and offered to send me a sample of their SoL sunflower beverage!

IMG 9234

I immediately accepted and anxiously awaited the sample.

I have to admit, I was in love almost immediately just because of the packaging it came in –

IMG 9236

IMG 9237

And fell even deeper when I read what the packaging had to offer –

Screen shot 2012 06 01 at 9 53 27 AM

But perhaps my favorite thing about this was how well it mixed into my iced coffee:

IMG 9241

I’ve used a number of different non-dairy beverages in my iced coffee from soymilk to rice milk to almond milk and until SoL, I’ve never found anything outside of soymilk that mixed in smoothly.  A definite plus in my book – especially with summer right around the corner!

The taste was nice too.  I was expecting it to be a little strong and even a little salty, but it wasn’t at all.  I got just the slightest hint of sunflower seed – similar to the amount of “almond” flavor you taste in almond milk.

The only thing I didn’t love was that it was a little low in protein – but this is definitely a great option for a change of pace and I think it would be great in smoothies, oatmeal and even cereal!

To keep the sunflower theme going this morning, I made peach oats in a jar and topped it with a healthy serving of Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter:

IMG 9242

IMG 9246

So good.

IMG 9247

Peach + sunflower seed butter = an amazing combo.

IMG 9229

Happy Friday everyone!

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