Good Mood Food

by Cait on June 2, 2012

We had a big day!

We were up early and out the house to take this little nugget back to her mom’s house!

2012 06 01 20 04 05

I’m going to miss her!

We stopped at our favorite bagel place on the way to get some fuel for the road –

2012 06 02 09 45 36 332

I got a wheat bagel with egg and ham and it totally hit the spot.

2012 06 02 09 56 29 495

Plus an iced coffee with soymilk (and an Starbucks Via Iced Coffee sample…too sweet for me) to go alongside:

2012 06 02 11 03 32

We met my sister at an Arby’s in South Carolina that was halfway from both Atlanta and North Carolina.  I think she was happy to have Clara back!

2012 06 02 12 26 18

Since we were already at Arby’s and it was nearly 1pm, Chad and I decided it would be as good a place as any to grab some lunch since we had plans to stop at the Gaffney Outlets on the way home.

2012 06 02 12 59 43

I LOVE their curly fries.

2012 06 02 12 59 58

And while Chad got them, I somehow managed to stay away from them and enjoyed a decently healthy meal for a fast food place!

2012 06 02 13 01 04

I chose the roast turkey and swiss sandwich on whole wheat which I really enjoyed.  The sandwich was HUGE and really filling!

2012 06 02 13 01 17

And some crispy apple bites to go alongside –

2012 06 02 13 00 20

The apples came with some strawberry yogurt to dip them in…but for something that really could’ve just been yogurt + strawberry puree, the ingredient list was a little too long for my liking so I tossed it aside.

2012 06 02 13 01 47

I also thought it was kinda cool to see this on the table:

2012 06 02 13 09 24

Good to know if you’re traveling that you can check out for healthy options!

Then we hit the outlets!

2012 06 02 14 13 18

We managed to leave with just one bag…so I’d consider it a [financial] success!

We relaxed for a little while when we got home (well, I relaxed while Chad went for a 7 mile run) and then showered, dressed and headed out for a little date night!

IMG 9278

We chose to go to an Indian restaurant that I’ve been dying to try called Copper

IMG 9279

I started out with a class of cabernet:

IMG 9281

Some naan with 3 types of dipping sauce:

IMG 9283

And a salad:

IMG 9289

Then we both got the chicken tikka masala:

IMG 9291

IMG 9293

Despite this dish being one of the least healthy, I figure that it’s worth it to treat yourself once in a while – I go out to Indian restaurants about once a year, so I figure…when in Rome!

IMG 9299

And oh my goodness was it ever worth it,

Alongside we got a bit more naan (plain and roti) for dipping:

IMG 9302

We ended the night with a little something sweet from Menchie’s

IMG 9306

IMG 9307

Perfect end to the evening!

Happy Saturday everyone :)

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