by Cait on June 20, 2012

Aaaaaand we’re back from our Chicago trip.

The house is really low on groceries – we have bread, eggs and a little bit of milk left.

Luckily, those ingredients are perfect for things like waffles, pancakes and french toast :)

I wasn’t sure what I was craving first thing so I put the coffee on and made Chad some challah french toast.

I rifled around the pantry a little more for myself while he ate and then I spotted it:

IMG 9674

The ticket to the world’s easiest pancakes and waffles.

I plugged in the waffle iron, threw the very last of the mix into a bowl with 1 cup of water, then poured myself some coffee and simply waited.

Three short minutes later – I had this in front of me!

IMG 9659

Since we have basically no fruit except for a few frozen bananas (which I may or may not be saving to make these with) I simply added a little sunflower seed butter…

IMG 9660

And a touch of syrup that we got from Evan & Deanna’s wedding:

IMG 9662

IMG 9666

It made for a pretty delicious breakfast, but I’ll definitely be interested to see how long it holds me over without the fruit.

IMG 9672

Coffee accompanied as always:

IMG 9673

Now it’s back to the [not so] wonderful world of the GRE 

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