Summer Lunchin’

by Cait on June 21, 2012

Someone commented on my lunch post yesterday saying that it seems like we eat out all the time.

And she’s absolutely right.

I feel like we eat out all the time.  And you know what?  It kind of stinks.

It takes the specialness of going out to a meal away.  It also means you’re a lot less in control of what you’re putting into your mouth.  And it means a lot less time in the kitchen for me…which I actually don’t like.  Not to mention the financial and caloric impact!

I don’t think either of us is really thrilled with how much we’ve been eating out lately – there has just been a lot of travel which has unfortunately lead to us not being able to really keep a consistently stocked kitchen.

But that’s all about to change!

We’re on a good stretch of “home” time now and the very first thing I did when I woke up this morning was to make a meal plan/shopping list and then head to the grocery store to restock!

IMG 9701

There’s literally a little bit of everything in there…we were down to bare bones.

My absolute favorite purchases though?

IMG 9704

IMG 9707

IMG 9708

My fruit!

While I felt like I did an okay job of getting veggies in while in Chicago, the one thing I felt like I was sorely lacking was fruit.

I may have gone a little fruit crazy.

My afternoon consisted of this.  And this.  And this as a result.

But that’s alright.  It just feels really nice to have a fresh batch.

And it should come as absolutely no surprise that my lunch ended up including it –

IMG 9709

I was thinking I would have a turkey sandwich…but by the time 1pm rolled around, then 2pm and I still wasn’t feeling super hungry (way to go breakfast!) I figured a small bowl of yogurt, fruit and granola might be the better option.

IMG 9712

I was right.  Love when that happens.

IMG 9711

Into the bowl went:

IMG 9713

Was a perfect lunch for the official first day of summer!

IMG 9714

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