The Nighttime Chef

by Cait on June 22, 2012

I let the nighttime do my cooking for me last night so that when I woke up – breakfast was ready!


I really overdid the overnight oats this past winter when my schedule was so crazy because it was just so easy.

Since then I’ve had them maybe 2 or 3 times – I just haven’t had a taste for them.

But yesterday morning, as I was eating my hot oats I found myself wishing they were overnight…for the first time in a LONG time.

So you bet your bottom dollar that I knew immediately what I would be having for breakfast today.


I utilized a lot of my newly stocked fruit to create this one.

Into the mix last night I put:

Stir well, cover and pop in the fridge before bed.


In the morning I took it out and topped it with:

And topped it off with a cherry :)


On the side was the standard coffee + soymilk:


A delicious start to a Friday for sure.


I’ve got lots of studying to get to!

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