Should Be Repeated

by Cait on June 23, 2012

There are a lot of things in life that I think should be repeated.

One of those things?

Delicious lunches.

Even if they’re repeated two days in a row.

Or at least that’s a convenient theory to explain my lunch yesterday and my lunch today¬†

DSC 0007


That’s the same lunch right there.

But I mean really…

DSC 0004

Can you blame me?

You try staring down these guys and saying “no” to them.

DSC 0009

I bet ya can’t do it.

Truth be told, my late (and super filling) breakfast this morning didn’t have me all that starving.

DSC 0011

I was hungry enough to eat, but not necessarily hungry enough for a huge deli sandwich (similar to what I was eating at this exact time last year!) or leftovers from dinner last night.

DSC 0003

So I went with a simple hummus, avocado & veggie sandwich and cherries.

DSC 0008

And I have to say, it hit the spot.

DSC 0006

Listen to what you’re body’s asking for when you go to eat…you’ll never be disappointed.

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