A Cherry on Top

by Cait on June 25, 2012


DSC 0017

Happy Monday!

I hope you all enjoyed your weekends – ours was low-key but definitely what we needed.  If you’re just catching up:

Friday night I made Baked Ravioli and drank a $3.99 bottle of wine (and enjoyed it!).

Saturday morning I dug into the last of my Kodiak Cake Whole Wheat, Honey, Oat Belgian Waffles.

Saturday afternoon I declared some things are worth repeating.

Saturday night we had delicious, healthy and the easiest ever chicken tacos.

Sunday brunch was in celebration of Cait’s Plate’s 3rd Birthday!

Sunday evening I brought the heat with a deliciously spicy (and healthy!) pasta dish.

I also managed to sneak in a summertime cone for dessert last night.

And somehow despite that, I woke up wanting yogurt.

Yogurt with a cherry on top to be exact.

DSC 0018

I filled up my mason jar with a slight layer of Trader Joe’s sunflower seed butter..

DSC 0030

Then Trader Joe’s Non-Fat Greek-Style Yogurt + chia seeds…

DSC 0031

Then some Cville Cluster Granola

DSC 0032

Then a mix of red and rainier cherries…

DSC 0033

Repeated once more and topped off with a cherry!

DSC 0025

DSC 0020

All that was left to do after that was dig in!

DSC 0036

And wash it all down with some coffee

DSC 0027

DSC 0035

And because so many of you usually wonder…I in fact DID eat this straight out of the jar!

Photo on 2012 06 25 at 09 13

On a side note…should I cut my hair as short as it appears in this picture!?

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