Early Fall

by Cait on June 26, 2012

It’s a perfect day out there.

It actually feels a lot like early Fall – which is my absolute favorite season.

I headed to the gym around 11 and did a quick elliptical workout then headed home for lunch!

DSC 0002

I kind of wanted a salad, but I was also craving something a little warm given the cooler temps today.

My solution?

DSC 0009

DSC 0004

A nice warm turkey, pepperjack, spicy mustard and avocado panini on whole wheat (AWESOME combo of flavors).

DSC 0005

A side salad with 50/50 salad mix, shredded carrots and avocado, olive oil and vinegar.

DSC 0006

And a nice juicy orange.

DSC 0007

It was a perfect compromise.

DSC 0013

And quickly gobbled upĀ 

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