Welcome to Good Burger

by Cait on June 26, 2012

Home of the good burger.  Can I take your order?

DSC 0018

Our favorite turkey burger recipe for dinner tonight!

DSC 0002

Planned for side dishes were some sweet corn and french fries:

DSC 0016

Chad suggested we put a little cajun seasoning on the fries but we didn’t have any handy so I used a Turkish Spice instead…

DSC 0011

They tasted wonderful!

DSC 0012

Especially when dipped in a little ketchup!

The corn was delicious!

DSC 0010

Both Chad and I agreed it was a good call as a side dish.

DSC 0015

I piled my burger with avocado, mixed greens, mustard and ketchup all on a whole wheat bun.

DSC 0019


I think there’s an ice cream cone in my future!

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