Have to be Careful

by Cait on June 27, 2012

It’s been a homemade bread type of day for me!

First with breakfast and now with lunch.

DSC 0004

You can’t beat it when it’s fresh like this, so I try to use it as quickly as possible.

After that it’s freeze + toast to enjoy :)

DSC 0013

I had a nice tuna sandwich for lunch today.

I go in and out of tuna phases…I’m “in” one right now, so this was greatly enjoyed.  But I have to be careful – I find it’s really easy to overdo it with tuna for me so I need to be scrupulous when it comes to eating it.  Once I get sick of it…that’s it for a LONG while.

DSC 0002

A red pear and baby carrots on the side:

DSC 0006

DSC 0007

Quick and filling – which is just what I need during these study days!

DSC 0003

We’re planning naan pizzas for dinner – excited!!

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