Cherishing Cherries

by Cait on June 28, 2012

Do cherries just scream summertime or what?

DSC 0012

I’ll tell you: they do.

It was a summertime lunch all around!

DSC 0019

Complete with a little beach 

DSC 0004

Love this blue mason jar.

The big hitter for lunch was a turkey sandwich –

DSC 0008

It might look ordinary but it was good.

I piled two slices of 100% whole wheat bread with turkey, avocado, hummus and lettuce.

DSC 0007

Cherries on the side –

DSC 0009

And the very last of my bag of baby carrots –

DSC 0006

A well-rounded lunch plate!

DSC 0003

Watching and leaning about the newly passed Obama Care.  Not sure what I think about it quite yet…

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