A GREat Friday

by Cait on June 29, 2012

I took the GRE!

Even better is that I took the GRE and I was happy enough with my scores to keep them.

Just one more step in the whole “getting my master’s” process.

Screen shot 2012 06 29 at 5 31 37 PM

It’s going to be a looooong and hard process, but honestly it’s pretty exciting so it makes all the hardship worth it.

Looks like I can safely tuck away these guys for a while:

DSC 0003

Fingers crossed that my scores were good enough to get into a program otherwise I’ll be wiping the dust off these babies and re-taking the test!

But let’s not think about that right now 

Before I left for the test, I ate a quick and filling lunch filled with every last bit of brain food I had left in the fridge:

DSC 0003 2

A hummus & veggie sandwich on 2 slices of whole wheat bread:

DSC 0017

And a sliced pear with a melty tablespoon of almond butter:

DSC 0004

DSC 0011

Delicious and filling!

DSC 0012

Other good news for the day?

We’ve officially eaten every planned meal I laid out last week!

2012 06 28 20 26 57

And while our fridge was once stocked with this, it now looks like this:

2012 06 29 10 54 36

Which means we’ve earned a celebratory meal out!  Not a bad way to kick off a weekend 

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