by Cait on July 1, 2012

No matter how you slice it, today was another wonderful day!

Our brunch held us over well and it wasn’t until well after 4:30 that we decided to break out the watermelon!

IMG 20120701 173000

Consumed one slice (hunk) at a time 

Our timing was just perfect because not soon after we finished a good northeastern rainstorm came leaving behind a beautiful rainbow!

A couple more hours of hanging out and we were all more than ready for dinner.

We headed to Lui Lui for some pizza!

2012 07 01 20 29 52

Love that they had the chopped wood for the stove right outside!

2012 07 01 20 30 00

Loved even more the fluffy, doughy bread they served us the moment we sat down!

2012 07 01 20 31 35

They were like the Bertucci’s rolls of yore before they changed over to their new bread.

So, SO good.

And with olive oil to dip in?

2012 07 01 20 31 51

I could have eaten this alone for dinner and been happy.

The whole atmosphere of the place was awesome – you could actually watch the pizzas going into the wood-burning oven!

2012 07 01 20 32 00

Chad and I split the Cranberry, Walnut and Gorgonzola salad to start…

2012 07 01 20 57 39

Then split a Tuscan pie and a BBQ Chicken pie…

2012 07 01 21 12 30

2012 07 01 21 14 21


These things were huge.

Between the two of our pies, we had an entire pie leftover.

The BBQ Chicken won out for the night…

2012 07 01 21 13 38

It put the Tuscan pie to shame.

2012 07 01 21 16 58

It was a long day and we’re completely wiped so off to bed it is for us!

Hope everyone enjoyed their weekends!

PS – I’m doing the July Photo-a-Day on Instagram and I encourage you all to follow along (or join in!) for it!  Today was self portrait.  It’s gonna be fuuuuun.

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