The Lost Meal

by Cait on July 8, 2012

We had a nice little Sunday over here!

We’re so completely sucked into Girls that we ended up watching 5 episodes in a row before even getting out of bed this morning.

Um. And possibly finishing the whole first season.


But not really because that show is AWESOME.

I already can’t wait for next year.

By the time we got ourselves up and at ‘em, it was nearly noon and that means brunch!


Hellooooo homemade multigrain belgian waffles.

If anyone ever tells you that a waffle iron is a bad investment, they’re lying. We use ours at least once a week, if not more.


I made these with Trader Joe’s Multigrain Pancake & Baking Mix and added in some Penzey’s Cinnamon Sugar for extra flavor.

I of course then took it one step further and added almond butter, a diced juicy peach and syrup!

DSC_0011.JPGScreen Shot 2012-07-08 at 8.54.23 PM.png DSC_0013.JPG

So deliciously good.

DSC_0015.JPGScreen Shot 2012-07-08 at 8.57.17 PM.pngDSC_0017.JPG

After brunch we took off to accomplish a couple of errands and by the time we got home it was dinner time!

Lunch was the lost meal today…which was great considering “lunch” is the #photoadayjuly for today! Haha. Oh well.

Homemade lighter chicken enchiladas for dinner!


I used this Martha Stewart Recipe for the dish


Overall we were really pleased!

On the side we had sour cream, homemade guacamole, salsa, black beans and brown rice!

DSC_0028.JPG DSC_0029.JPG

And blue corn chips for scooping!


Now we’re watching Keeping Up with the Kardashians and watching the sun set…


I think dessert may be in my near future ;)

Happy Sunday everyone!

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Lauren July 8, 2012

SO I have had enchiladas on my mind for months and have been meaning to make them but every time I think of making Mexican, I immediately gravitate to grilled fish tacos. I think it’s time for a change though, enchiladas are where its at!


Cait July 8, 2012

Haha I know it had been on my list for so long as well so I was so happy to finally make these! They’re SUPER easy…I don’t know what took me so long!


Courtney July 8, 2012

Wow, those waffles look dreamy!


Cait July 8, 2012

As far as waffles go, these were the dreamiest :)


Sarena (The Non-Dairy Queen) July 8, 2012

Tony and I totally got sucked into Girls. I’m not sure why…maybe the train wreck that is their lives? I guess I like awkward situations…when they aren’t my own.


Cait July 8, 2012

Hahah I know. All we kept saying to each other was “Every scene is SO awkward!!” It’s like you’re cringing but you can’t look away!


Khushboo July 9, 2012

I’ve said it before but you honestly take such lovely pics- such great quality! Totally agree about the waffle maker- I am amazed at how much I use mine…and even though it’s been a while since I last busted it out, it’s quite compact to store away!


Cait July 9, 2012

Aw thank you! I definitely still have a lot to learn on the photography front but I love it! And agreed about the waffle iron. Their easy ability to store makes them all the more worth it!


Sara @ Real Fun Food July 9, 2012

Do you ever make the waffles from scratch? I made pancakes from scratch for the first time and they were great … but so much work!


Cait July 9, 2012

I do! Often when we’re super hungry or in a rush I’ll use a mix just because it’s easier, but I love making waffles from scratch as well :) My favorite are Rachael Ray’s Gingerbread Waffles. SOOO good!


CJ @ July 9, 2012

I am kind of obsessed with peaches on waffles right now. Granted I opted for the Kashi frozen variety since I headed off to work this morning, but they were still delicious! not nearly as picturesque as yours, but they did the trick :-)


Cait July 9, 2012

I LOVE the Kashi waffles! They smell like cake as they bake! :)


ally July 9, 2012

stunning photos, delicious recipes, perfect post! thanks for sharing!


Cait July 9, 2012

Of course! :)


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