Whipped Chocolate Biscoff Ice Cream

by Cait on July 18, 2012

So you know the best thing about these Whipped Biscoff and Chocolate Cream Parfaits?

DSC 0153

You can freeze the leftovers and turn them into ice cream.

But wait.  That’s not even the best part.

The BEST part?

You can do this WITHOUT an ice cream maker!

DSC 0131

If you didn’t just shriek with excitement over that you’re dead to me.

DSC 0145

Okay no you’re not, I still love you.

But honestly, this is good.  You should believe me.  And be excited!

I never felt left out for not having an ice cream maker until this summer.  In fact, I spent the majority of Fall searching for THE PERFECT doughnut pan, and when I finally got it, I felt like life was complete.

Then summer came and all the cool food bloggers who had ice cream makers could make their own homemade ice cream and frozen yogurts and I was just left to drool over it and add, then take out (then add, then take out, then add, then take out, then add) a variety of different ice cream makers to my Amazon.com cart.

Eventually I decided I would just put it in the “save for later” area – that way I didn’t have to deal with making the ‘adult’ decision not to spend $60 on something that I didn’t really need – even though really, I need it.

DSC 0143

Need as in, I needed to have an L.L. Bean backpack with my initials on it in middle school that I could wear so low on my back that it would actually bump against my butt with each step that I took.

DSC 0139

Need as in, I needed to get the same exact haircut and color as Kristin Cavallari on Laguna Beach and it didn’t matter that my hair was long, curly and brown because cutting it short and dying it blonde just had to be done.


But then that need changed – just as suddenly as my need for an L.L. Bean backpack morphed into a need for a NorthFace and my need for Kristin’s haircut turned into a life-long scar that lead to a two-year-long fear of ever cutting and/or dying my hair again.

It changed because I discovered ice cream was possible without an ice cream maker.  And if that can’t turn a need around, I don’t know what can.*

DSC 0133

Whipped Chocolate Biscoff Ice Cream (adapted from Martha Stewart)


  1. Put leftovers (or an entire batch!) of the Whipped Biscoff and Chocolate Cream Parfaits into a tupperware.
  2. Swirl together until semi-well combined
  3. Freeze for up to 3 hours (or until well-set)
  4. Scoop well-set mixture into ice cream cones

Start scooping ladies and gentlemen…you need to.

DSC 0152

* It should be noted that the ice cream maker is still sitting in the “save for later” area of my Amazon.com cart.  When need becomes want, that’s where things go.


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