{10 wholesome post-holiday breakfast ideas}

November 30, 2014

If you’re anything like me, your body is craving fruits, vegetables and whole foods after a long weekend of delicious indulgence. I feel like a lot of people’s plan after indulging at a holiday is to skip breakfast or cut back to “make up” for that heavier eating.  But I want you to know you’ll […]

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{weekly eats: friday}

November 21, 2014
weekly eats - inspiration for wholesome meal ideas! // cait's plate

Fridaaaaaaaay!  This long week has finally come to a close! Breakfast: 2 slices of whole wheat toast topped with peanut butter and sliced apple plus coffee and soymilk Lunch: Hummus, cucumbers, triscuits, carrots, peppers and (another) apple <—can you tell I was starting to run low on fruit?!  I filled up before I got to […]

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{weekly eats: thursday}

November 20, 2014
weekly eats - inspiration for wholesome meal ideas! // cait's plate

Hooray!  One more day left in this week!  It was a super busy day so meals were a little more scattered (and a bit less well-presented versus Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday). Anyway, here are my eats from today: Breakfast: Kashi Go Lean Crunch Honey Almond Flax with soymilk, coffee and an orange Lunch: A heaping […]

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{weekly eats: wednesday}

November 19, 2014
weekly eats - inspiration for wholesome meal ideas // cait's plate

Halfway through this week!!  Thank goodness! Breakfast: A whole wheat bagel topped with natural peanut butter and raspberry preserves plus grapes and coffee with soymilk Lunch: An egg and cheese sandwich on whole wheat breast plus carrot sticks, cucumbers and an apple Snack: Another plain greek yogurt this time topped with a crumbled cashew cookie […]

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{weekly eats: tuesday}

November 18, 2014
weekly eats // cait's plate

This week feels like it’s creeeeeping along!  Probably because I know Thanksgiving Break is just around the corner and I’m just dying to get a little rest and relaxation! Anyway, onto Tuesday’s eats! Breakfast: 5-minute peanut butter apple chia seed oatmeal with coffee (recipe below) Recipe for 5-minute peanut butter apple chia seed oatmeal Ingredients: […]

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{weekly eats: monday}

November 17, 2014
lunch // cait's plate

Hi guys!  Since a number of you were telling me how much you like these types of posts, I decided to switch it up a little bit this week and split it out into days.  Many of you have asked to see recipes for certain  posts, snack ideas and weekend meals so I thought this […]

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{apple cider doughnuts}

October 23, 2014
apple cider doughnuts two ways! a delicious autumn tradition // cait's plate

So, full disclosure…there’s nothing healthy about these.  They’re not even baked. But they’re an autumn tradition in my family and something we all look forward to as soon as the leaves start to turn. This year we got my niece involved and she had an absolute blast. She took her job VERY seriously.  Wearing her […]

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{favorite pumpkin recipes}

October 8, 2014
favorite pumpkin recipes // cait's plate

It’s officially October which means it’s time to bust out all my favorite pumpkin recipes!  It’s also helpful to me when I’m developing new recipes to remember those that I’ve already created (it’s happened more than one time that I’ve come up with a delicious recipe only to realize I’ve actually ‘created’ it before!  So […]

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{whole wheat pumpkin walnut muffins}

October 1, 2014

Okay let me tell you something. If you’ve been up since 6am studying for an exam you had at 8am then went directly into counseling a client then went straight to another class until later afternoon, these muffins are for you! Okay, even if you didn’t do all of that you’ll probably like them.  But […]

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