{100% whole wheat bread}

October 7, 2013
100% whole wheat bread // cait's plate

As most of you know I’ve decided to recommit myself to getting my food budget under control this year which, by default, has meant relying less on processed foods.  I’ve actually been loving this little byproduct of my food budget experiment.  I find that I prefer food made from scratch in lieu of the store-bought […]

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{whole grain apple scones with peanut butter icing}

September 30, 2013
whole grain apple scones // cait's plate

I felt like I had to get ONE more apple recipe in before September passed by.  I always set October 1 as the date in which it’s acceptable to crack open my first can of pumpkin. I feel like September always flies by in a haze of summer ending and school starting and apples just […]

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{whole grain apple coffee cake with walnut streusel}

September 23, 2013
whole grain apple coffee cake with walnut streusel // cait's plate

Remember my banana coffee cake with pecan brown sugar streusel? If you don’t, I’ll just let you know that it was incredibly good.  I ate for afternoon snacks, I crumbled it over yogurt and ate it for breakfast, I ate it over ice cream with a scoop of peanut butter for dessert… Needless to say […]

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{whole wheat banana cinnamon rolls with pecan brown sugar streusel}

August 3, 2013
whole grain banana cinnamon rolls // cait's plate

I did it! I used up the last three of my EIGHT bananas and I did it all without resorting to a simple smoothie or basic banana bread. And I gotta say, out of the vegan peanut butter banana whole wheat waffles with pb sauce, the banana coffee cake with brown sugar pecan streusel and […]

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{vegan peanut butter banana whole wheat waffles with pb banana sauce}

July 28, 2013
vegan peanut butter banana waffles // cait's plate

Hi friends! Sorry for the two week hiatus – I’ve been buried in summer school work and just haven’t had the time to get together a good blog post.  But I’m hoping these suckers make up for it! I’m taking a biology course right now and one of my labs required EIGHT ripe bananas.  Truthfully, […]

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{no-bake edible peanut butter honey oat yogurt bowls}

July 12, 2013
edible peanut butter yogurt bowls // cait's plate

Can I just be honest about how stupidly excited I was when I thought of this idea? It was ridiculous.  I could barely sleep at night once the idea came to me and it was the first thing I did the next day when I woke up. It’s completely normal behavior to get that excited […]

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{whole grain banana yogurt snack cake}

May 23, 2013
{whole grain banana yogurt snack cake} // cait's plate

This is one of my favorite things to make. It’s so versatile – you can have it for dessert, breakfast, snack – even lunch if you’re add a glass of milk and some fruit on the side! It’s super moist because of the bananas and yogurt and I tweaked the original recipe to kick up […]

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{cinnamon roll waffles}

May 20, 2013
{cinnamon roll waffles} // cait's plate

You guys. I one hundred percent blame Pinterest for these. They started popping up in my feed several weeks back and I haven’t been able to get them out of my head since. I can’t make any argument for the nutritional value for them – but they really are delicious! Not to mention the fact […]

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{whole wheat oatmeal strawberry muffin bread}

March 31, 2013
{whole wheat oatmeal strawberry muffin bread} // cait's plate

Guys. Something amazing has happened. Strawberries are back! I mean, I kind of refuse to believe they ever leave and may or may not use them year-round regardless (shh – I don’t even want to hear about how far they’ve traveled for me to be eating them in the dead of winter) – but that’s […]

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