Food Blog Resources

Resources That Have Helped Me with Cait’s Plate:

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Zesty Blog Consulting: The moment I decided to overhaul my site and take it to the next level of the blog world, I knew who I was going to turn to.  Cory at Zesty Blog Consulting has designed and helped out with numerous blogs around the blog world and I’ve always admired the work that he does.  My entire experience with Cory was absolutely incredible – from start to finish he was patient, helpful, insightful and incredibly knowledgeable.  Cait’s Plate certainly would not be the blog that it is today without his help!



Bluehost: When I was ready to switch to self-hosting I went with Bluehost.  Not only because it came highly recommended by Zesty Blog Consulting, but also because I had heard great things about it by others using it.  I’ve definitely been happy with it thusfar.  Their customer service has always been great, it provides domain name registration at an affordable price and even comes at a discount if you utilize Zesty Blog Consulting blog services!



Thesis Theme for WordPress – The Thesis Theme was one that I admired for a long time.  It’s clean, intuitive and easy to use.  I have used a number of different themes over the years and find that The Thesis Theme is by far the best.  Their forums are easy to use and I’ve certainly seen an increase in pageviews since implementing it.


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I started my blog as a way to share my passion for health, baking, cooking and exercise.  I love when conversations get started and the more people that visit, the better the engagement is!  Here are some of my favorite traffic sources:

1. Pinterest

2. FoodBuzz

3. Foodgawker

4. Tastespotting

5. Facebook

6. Twitter

7. Tumblr

8. FeedBurner


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I’m by no means a photography expert but I’ve gotten lucky enough to come across some great equipment that has really helped me to improve.

The first is most definitely my my Canon Rebel XS 10.1MP Digital SLR Camera with EF-S 18-55mm f/3.5-5.6 IS Lens


Easy to use, automatic – it’s probably one of the best investments I’ve made to date in terms of the blog.

The next is my prime lens:


This lens has worked wonders in terms of making me appear to be a better photographer than I really am!  It has both automatic and manual settings which is great for someone like me who may need the automatic focus at the start but can hopefully move towards the manual settings as I learn more.

It takes such crisp, clean photos and really brings out the elements of the dishes I’m photographing.  It has also helped immensely with my photos being accepted into sites like and (both great sources of traffic as mentioned above).

Finally I would recommend Cowboy Studio Lights for any and all low-lighting situations!  They make a WORLD of difference!