Taco Time

June 23, 2012
DSC 0023

Chicken tacos for dinner! After lunch I did a quick 20 minutes of yoga just to break up the studying monotony.   I’m determined to get back into the yoga groove.  Hopefully after this test working out, eating, sleeping…showering () will all return to more regular schedule. For now though?  I take what I can get. And […]

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June 14, 2012
IMG 9598

I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted for lunch today but after poking around in the fridge for a bit, I pulled out a couple of ingredients and actually made a pretty delicious lunch! I took the rest of the all-natural chicken strips, some feta cheese and some eggs. I scrambled them all up together […]

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Pretzel Buns

February 20, 2012

So yesterday I made these. But I didn’t stop there. Okay…I guess truth be told I really DID stop there.  By the 6th huge ball of dough that I had to roll into a rope and then splice off into pieces, I was kinda tired. So for the last two balls of dough I decided, […]

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Savory Breakfast

November 14, 2011
IMG 8513

I decided to go savory for breakfast this morning. There are only so many waffles and french toast a girl can take before she just craves some eggs! I gathered up a whole wheat tortilla, an avocado, mixed greens and laid an egg on the top of it all! Then I simply rolled it up… […]

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Thanks to Trader Joe’s

September 29, 2011
IMG 6920

Despite having most everything packed away – and literally have next to no food in the house, I managed to have a pretty delicious dinner tonight! Thanks, in large part once again, to Trader Joe’s! I threw some Trader Joe’s falafels over some Trader Joe’s baby romaine… Added the last piece of Trader Joe’s whole […]

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Fall Shows

September 17, 2011
IMG 6502

Today was the perfect mix of lounging around and productivity! I went on a baking spree this morning (as already mentioned) which resulted in a very fragrant and wonderfully smelling home By 1pm I was FAMISHED and threw together a quick lunch:   I took a honey wheat flatbread, slathered the inside with hummus, added […]

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