Tired, Easy, Delicious

October 12, 2011
IMG 7439

Whew. I’m BEAT. Tired Caitlyn = easy dinner. Easy dinner = Mexican! Mexican = delicious! Wine… Dessert… Does this technically count as having eaten a pumpkin??? If not, pumpkin scones are currently baking in the oven! FINALLY!

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Inspired by Cactus Club

September 26, 2011
IMG 6791

I headed to the gym RIGHT when I got home so that there was no risk of my skipping it. 35 minutes of ellipticalling (yes, it’s a word…just go with it) later – I was back up here and MORE than ready for dinner! Inspired by our awesome meal this weekend at Cactus Club in […]

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Better Than Qdoba

September 12, 2011
IMG 6298

When I was out last week dealing with all my travel troubles, I missed a free office lunch from Qdoba! I was super bummed about it and haven’t been able to get the idea of Mexican out of my head since, so I’m sure you can guess what we had for dinner!   Brown rice, […]

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Chicken Tacos

August 29, 2011
IMG 5595

Pretty sky! We decided on chicken tacos tonight because we had some ground chicken that we needed to use up. I was completely okay with this decision! Mike was in charge of the chicken and he cooked it perfectly.  He seasoned it with Key Lime Cilantro taco seasoning which I highly recommend.  It was quite […]

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The Joyful Things in Life

August 21, 2011

And just like that another fabulous weekend is in the books! We headed to our town’s Ice Cream Shop for one last hurrah before we all hit the road….     I can hardly believe how much older Julia is from the last time we came here! I don’t think Madeleine really knew what to make […]

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Let Him Have It

August 9, 2011

This day flew! I felt like suddenly I looked down at the clock and it was 5 pm We made a quick stop at Trader Joe’s (again) tonight for some veggies. We had plans to go to the Farmer’s Market but it was unfortunately pouring rain so we decided not to risk it. We got […]

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